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It was 1933, when 50-year-old Dard Hunter arrived in Japan to conduct his research on Japanese papers (washi).  It was also this time that he encouraged leaders of washi industry and opinion leaders of promoting washi.    For fifty years since Dard Hunter, in spite of many attempts to preserve the traditions of washi, the production continued declining and  many papermakers had disappeared during this time.
 In 1978, the World Craft Council was held in Kyoto, whose aim was to promote traditional crafts including washi and create a platform for cultural exchange and encounters internationally. With aid from the government as well as organizations around the country, this became a successful gathering that led to the internationalization of Japanese craft industry and enlightenment within Japan. Due to the success of the Council, Kyoto became the driving force for international events on cultural matters.
 Around the same time in 1976 in the U.S., Jane Farmer curated”New American Paperworks
 which traveled worldwide and was scheduled to come to Japan. The increased interest in Japanese papers was evident from the Washi Symposium held in Hawaii in 1978. When the exhibition was scheduled for 1983, there was much demand for a paper conference, which led to the IPC ‘83 held in Kyoto. More than 500 participants from 18 different countries gathered to exchange information, techniques, artworks and debate over the future of hand made paper and innovative ideas. In 1988 Japan Paper Academy was born as a result of the International Conference, with the mission of establishing global networks and promoting paper cultures around the world.


Members; individual, cooperate, sponsor Honorary member;Bunsyo  Jyugaku


Executive comittee 
President; Dr. Seishi Machid1988~2000 , Honorary president

                 Dr. Fumihiko Onabe 2000~2006
Vice President;Dr, Mitukuni Yosida, 、Shin Yagihasi, Hirosi Inagaki, Ryuichi Kotani
         2006~now PhD., Seishi Namiki、Yasutaka Morita
Director;    Tomita Takasi, Yoshiko Suzuki, Kyoko Ibe


Yearly assemblies, conducting study groups for paper culture, arranging tours, hosting/curating of exhibitions, organizing international conferences, publishing, maintaining relationships with individuals and groups related to the paper culture internationally



Chose works from Japan, Korea and Singapore for the 2nd International Paper Art Biennale organized by Leopold Hoesh Museum , Germany.
Dispatch Kyoko Ibe as a member of the jury for the competition of Biennale
Published official publication「kami 」No1, No2



Organized traveling exhibition of the 2nd International Paper Art Biennale, Kyoto Museum, Tokyo and Tokushima,  Published catalogue※1
Paper Conference’89 Kyoto,   Dialogue tradition craft and Contemporary art
Published official publication「kami」No3, No4



Dispatch a member of the jury for the 3rd International paper Art Biennale
Chose works from Japan and send them to the museum
Published official publication「kami」No5,



collaborated on the exhibition「paper has a possibility」which traveled 4 cities in Finland
Founded Japan Paper Academy Award 

1)Academic study;Reisaburou Ooe

2)Science and Technology; Traditional papermaking Tool study group

3)Art and Craft;Kenji Takahashi

4)International Promotion of Paper culture; Awa washi traditional papermaking museum
Special Award Ryuichi Kotani ( Chairman of IPC'83KYOTO committee)
Published official publication「kami」No6,No7,No8


Paper Academy Course「Kami-Proposal of 7 top experts of paper culture」
Book published from Shibunkaku Shuppan
2nd Paper Academy Award  

1)Yasuo Kume

2)Hazime Nakamura

3)Akira Kurosaki

4)Eiichi Takeo
Published official publication「kami」No9,No10,No11


Organized exhibition 「Japanese contemporary paperworks」 

      Montoriol city gallery
Paper Academy Course: Science version 「Paper now in the society」
3rd Japan Paper Academy Award 

1)Ryousei Kobayashi

2)Keisuke Yoshida
3) Hisashi Kanome
Published official publication「kami」No12


Paper Academy Course 「Toward International Paper Symposium」
4th Paper Academy Award  

2)Ikkou Aochi 

3) Kouryou Baba
4)Aiko Nakane
Special Award ;IAPMA executive committee
Published official publication「kami」Special Issue、No12


International Paper Symposium’95 ※2
Paper Road from the origin to the future
 5th Paper Academy Awaed

2) Tadao Endou

3) Sigeru Bann

4) Sadako Sakurai     Yasuo Morita
Published official publication「kami」No14,No15


Organized Exhibition 「Soul and Skill of Washi Masters」in Miyako Messe
 Final Report of IPS’95「Paper Road From the Origin to the Future」
Published  from Wagami dou
Published official publication「kami」No16


Lecture「Washi Collection in German National Library in Leipzig」
7th Paper Academy Award  

2)shigeru Ozaki

4) kenzou  kamei     Toyoo Seike
Published official publication「kami」No17 



Organized Exhibition「Washi in 19c」 Imadate Art Hall, KIT Museum,
        Tokyo and Kochi
Catalogue Published ※3
Symposium 「Washi in 19c」 Goethe Institute, Kyoto
8th Paper Academy Award

1)Shinji Hirose

2)Sayoko Furuta
4)Dr, Frieder Schmitte
Special award; Momoyo Kaifu, Haru Nakano
Published official publication「kami」No18,No19,No20


「Washi in 19c」Tokyo Tabaco and Salt Museum 
  Lecture 「Washi and my family」Akiko Jyugaku


「Milestone of Washi」 Author Dr, Seishi Mashida Published from Tankousha
  Lecture and party commemorate the publishing
Published official publication「kami 」No23,No24


Symposium「Washi in 21c」,Tokyo University Yayoi Hall
 Published official publication「kami」No25


Research presentation ,Tokyo University Yayoi Hall
Exhibition「Paper Artist in Echizen area,」Grandship Shizuoka(co-sponsored by Japan TAPPI)


Research Presentation,  Tokyo University Yayoi Hall


Internationa lPaper Conference’04「Globalization of Washi」 ,
Organized International Paper Art exhibition
      Kyoto International house
Published official publication「 kami」No26


Project 「Paper Now―2005」Exhibition in KIT Museum
Workshop by William Khol, Lynn Sure and Ahmed Kadori


Project「Paper Now―2006」「Forum of book」 Exhibition in Terra Gallery、Workshop by Robert Roesh and Suzanne Horvitz
Lecture in Tokyo Paper Museum
Published official publication「kami」No27,No28


Lesture, Research Presentation, KIT Lecture room
Published official publication「kami」No29,No30


Lecture, Research Presentation, KIT lecture room
Published official publication「kami」No31


「Kanyagami in Heian Kyo」Author Dr, Seishi Machida published from Kyoto Newspaper Publishing Department
Published official publication「kami」No32


Tour to Jyugaku Libruary  in Sugiwara Kami Research center
Published official publication「kami」No33


Lecture, research presentation in Kyoto Fukusi Kaikan
Published official publication「kami」No34


Lecture, tour to Benridou,   coro.type Printing company
Published official publication「kami」No35


「Paper―Past, Present and Future」Published from Syibunkan Publishing Company(Kyoto)



Vision for the future

The foundation of Japan Paper Academy was built on the traditional Japanese paper culture, and the clear mission was to reconstruct  and innovate Japan's paper culture for the present and future. 
After a quarter of a century, the Japan Paper Academy has decided to enter a brief hiatus period. Facing with the information revolution of our time, the swiftness of paperless transmission of information has questioned over the main function of paper as an information carrier. However, we are confident that the value of paper in the wide range of culture is impenetrable and absolute. It is the task of paper experts in the next generation to discuss and confirm the new roles of paper for the future. With these processes in mind, we hope a new method of promoting paper culture will be established with a stronger correspondence to the ubiquitous and global society of today and future.

             Spring 2014


Japan Paper Academy    

Honorable President;  Dr, Seishi Machida
Vice President;           Dr, Seishi Namiki
                                 Yasutaka Morita
Advisor;                     Dr.  Fumihiko Onabe


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